Brick and Mortar Store. In a world of E-Commerce and virtual storefronts, is there still room for the a brick and mortar store? Braving the challenges of capital outlay, rental, utilities and even municipal permitting each year across the U.S., thousands of brick and mortar stores are started. While not all will implement E-commerce, these entrepreneurs do embrace the idea of opening up a physical presence. Along with this presence comes the daily opportunity to meet in person with customers and clients.

In past interviews we have brought to you application elected officials, developers, E-commerce, consultants and some already established businesses. In this series, we will focus on those startup businesses that provide what Sign A Rama Chesapeake’s owner Sam Manning calls a “tangible” product. We will explore why an Entrepreneur in this age of E-Commerce would take on the challenge of creating a brick mortar store. Sharing with you why a former consultant Sam Manning chose to work with SignARama “…world’s largest full-service sign business.” 25 years in the business of franchises, this global company has for the second year won the distinction of being ranked in Franchise Direct’s Top 100 Global Franchises. With over 900 stores in 50 countries this company has earned a solid reputation for business startups.

So join us, On the Road in Hampton Roads – as we hear how an Entrepreneur is building a business, one sign at a time.

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