Senator Frank W. Wagner – Getting Business Done in Hampton Roads

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Senator Frank W. Wagner, Commonweath of Virginia’s 7th District

Since the 1607 founding of the Jamestown settlement, the region known as Hampton Roads has contributed to the overall economic success of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

With over 80% of the non-government, economy in Hampton Roads generated by businesses with less than 100 employees, the actions of the region’s Legislation has significant impact. What these elected officials do or do not do determines the economic success of Hampton Road and ultimately that of the Commonwealth.

In this series, On the Road in Hampton Roads will sit down with Hampton Roads’ elected officials to hear how they are helping business thrive in our region.

This week, we meet Senator Frank W. Wagner. Having served in the Virginia House of Delegates 1992–2001 and Senator Wagner was elected to the Senate of Virginia in a special election on December 19, 2000. Winning re-election in 2003, 2007 and 2011, he currently represents the 7th district in Virginia Beach.

Recipient of the 2012 Virginia Chamber of Commerce Leadership in Energy Award,

Senator Frank Wagner is “.. best known for his visionary Virginia Energy Plan, legislation that passed in the 2006 Virginia General Assembly session. This legislation directs the Commonwealth to create a comprehensive plan for the development of energy resources, including clean coal, oil, natural gas, wind, solar, tide, current, geothermal, nuclear, alternative fuels coupled with conservation and energy efficiency measures. The ultimate goal of the plan is to achieve energy independence in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.” On the Road in Hampton Roads YouTube Channel

Senator Wagner shares with us his candid thoughts on the future of conventional/non-conventional energy, transportation, and Hampton Roads’ port facilities. In less than 15 minutes, we will hear his thoughts on what needs to be done, to keep the Commonwealth of Virginia’s standing as the number #1 state to do business.

So join us on the road as we bring you “Getting Business Done in Hampton Roads”

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