Avoiding the Plan B Pitfall – Turning Failure Into Success – Glenn Davis

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How strong is your commitment to your startup venture? Is it enough that you would bet all or nothing on its’ success?

Most business coaches would say, “…before you get serious about your venture you most have a plan B, and maybe even a plan C..”  That you should even go as far as to preplan, when and how you would implement Plan B.

As our U.S. Military forces can attest, planning for “every contingency” is a very valid strategy.   History has proven that being able to act without thought in a rapidly changing environment, can make quite a difference.    For a Startup, does success or failure need to have alternative Plans?

There are those how would argue that by having a “Plan B” conveys a lack of commitment to the venture.  That a lack of commitment, no matter however so slight will doom the Startup to failure before it even gets off the ground.   Moreover, let us not forget the amount of time it takes to plan for alternatives, could that time be better spent?

Some would also say that planning a Plan B is distracting, especially if an Entrepreneur needs to keep reminding their team what is the goal.  For example, in his conquest of Mexico would Cortes have had to waste his resources (scuttling his fleet) if he had not been concerned that his “team” had not been thinking of implementing the Plan B “mutiny”?

In the shadow of the East Coast’s largest Master Jet Base, On the Road in Hampton Roads sits down with serial Entrepreneur Glenn Davis.   Whose many entrepreneurial accomplishes include Comverge, On Call Accountants and the nationally acclaimed “Geeks on Call”.  From On Call Accounting to On Call Telecom he continues to prove that he can create success not only for himself; but also, for hundreds of others.   In this interview, Glenn shares with us how by initially not having a Plan B, forcing him not to avoid those “tough decisions” drove him to turn failure into success.

So join us on the road as we find out when life does not give you an option for a Plan B, how you can still succeed.

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