2011 Year In Review The Journey Begins On the Road In Hampton Roads

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July 2011 – Andy Baan and Steve Goad went the on the road, in search of the American Entrepreneur. This is just a few of the Entrepreneurs they found in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

50 YouTube Videos later and 28 Blog posts, they can say with certainty that the Entrepreneurial Spirit is alive in Hampton Roads. Along way, they have had the pleasure to meet some phenomenal men and women.

While approaches vary from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, all still believed they could make the American Dream come true for not only for themselves, but also, for their families and communities.

We asked a few “..what made them different.” Are entrepreneurs “wired” differently from others? Not better than others, just different somehow and what we found was yes they are. One entrepreneur summed up it up as an entrepreneur had the courage to go to the cliff’s edge and jump. Common to each one has been courage, the courage to seize the opportunity.

Andy and Steve have interviewed Fortune 500 companies, startups, resource organizations, Radio Show Host, Magazine Editors and even a few politicians. In 2011, they interviewed entrepreneurs in their offices, outdoors, at receptions, Critical Mass Networking events, York County Biz Expo, Technology Hampton Roads Tech Tee Off, and “Start Norfolk”. In addition, they have listened to politicians speak at Luncheons and Legislative Send-Offs concerning the need for economic growth.

It is not simple to be an Entrepreneur. Everyone they interviewed believed that with faith and hard work that their business would eventually succeed. So isn’t this it is all about and as long as we have entrepreneurs such as these, there is still hope.

Andy and Steve will start their journey in January 2012 with the remarks from U.S. Senator Mark Warner on what needs to change if Hampton Roads is to succeed. So stay tuned…..

Our special thanks to the Entrepreneurs that joined us on our journey in 2011, will you join us in 2012? Let us know if you would like to be interviewed, comments are always welcomed via any of our sites:


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