Start Norfolk – In just 48 Hours start a business. NOW GO!

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Ok, the rules were simple enough:

Step One – Come up with an idea for a new business – Check

Step Two – Pitch that idea in one minute  or less to a panel of experienced serial business startup entrepreneurs in front of a room full of competing entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and those who are just looking for a chance to get on a winning team – Check

Step Three – Be selected by the judges to go to final round 48 hours later- Check

Step Four – Form up a team from those entrepreneurs that were not selected and do not forget to include some of those who are “..just looking to get on a winning team.” – Check

Step Five – Spend the next 48 hours – with little sleep, working on your idea, gathering market potential data, projected sales data, identify potential competitors and … get the picture. Of course being fueled along the way with lots of bagels, sausage biscuits,
pizzas, sandwiches, hot dogs, cookies, coffee and other beverages. – Check

Step Six – Work on the final 5-7 minute pitch to include idea and data pulled together during Step Five. – Check

Step Seven – Win and on Monday morning, take your new idea, form a company, finish loose ends and go to market. Check, Check and double Check…….

No problem, piece of cake….

Over the 48 hours some local media dropped by, publishing articles under headings such as “Entrepreneurs gather in Norfolk to spawn startups”. Even the local Television Wavy 10 affiliate did piece which was a little better.  What was missing from the coverage so far was the heart and soul of the event.

That is, it is still possible in spite of what seems become an era of  economic doom to find in American, those who have the courage. The courage to believe that in just 48 hours a business dream can be realized. The essence of this unique event, was that over 130 participants would gather together with the belief and hope for  something better. That in 48 hours they could create the chance to make a real difference in their and other lives around them.

At the end, nine business concepts would make it to the final Sunday round.  While the top three would be noted, countless other ideas would be, quoting the news article “spawned.”

On the Road in Hampton Roads was on site reporting, during the entire event. Over the next week or so, we will publish a few of the interviews conducted which can be found on FaceBook under “Start Norfolk” and on YouTube at Ontheroadinhrds

Start Norfolk’s special thanks to the event sponsors 757 Creative Space, CIT Gap Funds, ECPI University Endurance Network Services , Grow Interactive , Innovation Research Park @ODU, Norfolk , Norfolk Department of Development Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, We Are Titans  and Williams Mullen.

Join us as we speak with Brennan Dunn of “We are Titans” sponsor and event creator Zack Miller from the floor of this year’s highly successful “Start Norfolk

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